How HR Departments and PEOs Can Work Together

How HR Departments and PEOs Can Work Together

by on 6 May, 2019

Running a business is no easy task. Business owners today face many challenges, including managing costs, increasing profits, and remaining compliant with constantly changing local, state, and federal regulations. Human resources departments, in particular, face a unique set of challenges, as they are tasked with hiring the right talent and keeping them at the company.

Now more than ever, talent sourcing and retention are crucial to driving the success of a business. The talent market is highly competitive, and approximately three quarters of recruiters are struggling to find relevant candidates. Furthermore, once a hire is made, human resources departments have to work extra hard to make sure hires are satisfied through a number of avenues, including ensuring proper payroll administration, offering benefits packages that impress, and making room for employee growth and professional development. If a human resources department is struggling, it can negatively impact the health of the business. But when a human resources department does its job well, they steer the business towards growth and success.

Research shows that human resources are indeed struggling in the face of these challenges today. 83% of employers feel that attracting and retaining talent is a growing challenge. In addition, one study found 46% of HR leaders say employee burnout is responsible for up to half of their annual workforce turnover, with the top three contributors of burnout being unfair compensation, unreasonable workloads, and too much after-hours work. The same study found that despite 87% of HR leaders calling improved retention a critical or high priority over the next five years, 20% said there are too many competing priorities to focus on fixing the issue.

The reality is that while the job of the HR department is to make sure everything runs smoothly, every HR department could also use a little bit of help to ensure that it does its job efficiently and seamlessly. At the same time, many business owners are beginning to realize that many HR tasks can be outsourced. According to research by Gartner, Inc., 80 percent of companies now outsource at least one HR activity and that number is swiftly growing. While outsourcing HR tasks can be more cost-effective and can help business owners focus on growing the business, it can also be concerning to HR professionals within the company who fear being displaced.

While this fear is certainly valid, there are a number of organizations that seek not to displace already established HR departments, but rather to supplement their services and offer them tools that can help them do their jobs better.

Here at Navigate, we provide custom HR and business solutions that empower business owners to focus on the most important thing: growth and stability. While we could be considered a form of HR outsourcing, we do not in any way aim to displace established HR departments. In fact, our goal is to strengthen the abilities of the HR department so that the entire organization can thrive.

For companies with an already established HR department, we work closely with the HR team to supplement their services and provide comprehensive support that aligns with the vision of the business, and ultimately drives growth.

We leverage our deep expertise and commitment to client satisfaction to contain HR costs, minimize risk exposure, and alleviate the administrative burden of payroll and other key HR functions. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive HR portal that allows the HR department to carry out a variety of tasks in a more seamless manner.

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