Top Myths About HR Portals

Top Myths About HR Portals

by on 4 Jan, 2019

With or without technology, managing people is no easy task. Over the past decade or so, however, technology has infiltrated the workplace and greatly changed how certain tasks and processes are carried out. The department of human resources is no exception. The adoption of technology into HR practices is trending steadily upwards, especially in recruitment, employee retention, and attrition. Many employers have come to see the long-term benefits of implementing technology, such as through the use of HR portals .

An HR portal, which can also be referred to as a Human Resources Management System (HRMS), is a feature-rich, easy to use, and intuitive platform that allows human resources professionals to automate certain processes and eases the burdens associated with people management. Some of the features of a typical HR portal include a job board and application management center, a payroll center, a benefits administration center, and a report center.

Still, some employers are falling behind or are hesitant to incorporate technology into human resources. Some may simply be unaware of the extent to which an HR portal can benefit their business, while others may have qualms about the cost, or about becoming overly dependent on technology. Here are some of the top myths about HR portals:

Top Myths About HR Portals

  • They are a hassle to implement. Learning and implementing a new tool can be intimidating, but after the initial investment of time to learn the system, the use of an HR portal will eliminate many future hassles. If using an HR portal was truly a hassle, many businesses would not opt to do it or would phase it out after it proved to be a hassle. Yet, one survey found that 72% of organizations reported functionality as the primary benefit of implementing a new HRMS.

  • They are only for large businesses. HR portals are surely helpful for big businesses, but that doesn’t mean that small and medium-sized businesses can’t get a wealth of benefits from using them as well. In fact, smaller businesses tend to be more strapped for resources, so the use of an HR portal frees up capacity for employees to focus on other tasks that steer the company towards success. Furthermore, it is ideal for smaller companies to integrate technology into human resources before the company grows significantly, as it is much easier to get a few employees onboard now than it is to get a large number of employees onboard later down the road.

  • The “human” element of human resources will be lost. Some companies fear that integrating technology into human resources will make it seem robotic, uncaring, and ultimately off-putting to employees. The truth is that the use of an HR portal will make it a lot easier for HR professionals to carry out the more mundane tasks and give them more capacity to engage in quality face-time with employees. Introducing an HR portal will not eliminate the human aspect of human resources, but rather bolster it.

  • It will be too expensive. It is true that in the earlier days of HR technology, implementing an HR portal would have been a more costly endeavor. With the advancement of technology, however, there are always more affordable and effective solutions becoming available. The technology is simplified, making it much easier and cheaper to adopt, and it is also scalable, meaning it can grow with the company. Also, while adopting the use of an HR portal does require an initial investment of time and money, it is an investment that actually serves to save the company a lot of resources long-term.

These commonly believed myths about HR portals are unfounded. Employers that allow these beliefs to hold them back from integrating technology into human resource practices are missing a great opportunity. Technology, especially the adoption of an HR portal, is an investment that streamlines HR practices and eases the administrative burden, allowing for more focus on tasks that actually grow the business.

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