20 Ways Navigate Helps Do Your Job

20 Ways Navigate Helps Do Your Job

by on 26 Apr, 2022

For over 40 years, Navigate has been helping Massachusetts companies achieve their HR and business goals. As the state’s premier HR outsourcing solution, Navigate works with businesses of all sizes, from family-owned companies to Fortune-500 corporations.

Navigate’s success comes from a substantial variety of services that help companies grow, develop, and become employers of choice. The comprehensive outsourcing solution gives companies the valuable time they need to promote business growth. Meanwhile, the cost-effectiveness of this collaboration allows business owners to re-invest more money in the company.

Let’s take a closer look at 20 ways Navigate helps companies succeed.

Human Resources Administration

HR-related administrative tasks can be extremely time-consuming. Even if you have a small team, your company still needs to provide a wide range of services, process numerous documents, and offer employee support.

  1. Employee Policy Handbook: Navigate designs, implements, maintains, and updates the employee policy handbook to ensure full understanding of the company’s policies, standards, mission, and expectations.

  2. Job Descriptions: Navigate creates comprehensive and transparent job descriptions outlining duties, requirements, and responsibilities for existing and potential employees.

  3. Compensation Analysis: Navigate conducts a compensation analysis to ensure that employees’ pay corresponds with the company’s pay philosophy and helps you make correct decisions about salaries and reward systems.

  4. FLSA Audit: Navigate conducts an annual compliance audit for the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) to ensure that the company’s policies, documents, and procedures are in full compliance with FLSA rules and regulations.

  5. Employee & Manager Training: Navigate arranges manager and employee training to enhance safety in the workplace, prevent bias, ensure compliance, simplify onboarding, and create a productive work environment.

  6. Safety Programs: Navigate designs safety policies and programs to reduce risk in the workplace, avoid workers’ compensation claims, and make your company a safe and productive place to work. Navigate also performs regular safety audits.

  7. 401(k) Program: Navigate helps you set up and manage a 401(k) program, allowing your employees to enjoy retirement benefits without the hassle of implementation. A well-implemented 401(k) program makes your business more competitive when attracting top talent.

Navigate takes care of many administrative tasks to ensure smooth company operation and removes the burden off your internal HR team’s shoulders.

Legal Compliance

HR teams need to monitor the ever-changing legislation within their industry and globally. HR compliance requires a significant amount of time and specific expertise.

  1. Risk Management: From internal and external fraud to discrimination issues in the workplace, a company faces various risks. Navigate offers risk management services that help you stay compliant with local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Besides ensuring compliance, risk management improves the workplace environment and cuts workers’ comp costs.

  2. Workers’ Comp Administration: Workers’ compensation administration isn’t just a costly process; it’s complex and error-prone. Navigate helps you manage the administration process and represents you at the workers’ comp claim hearings.

  3. OSHA Compliance: Staying compliant with OSHA regulations requires an in-depth understanding of the rules and recommendations. Navigate studies OSHA requirements for your industry and ensures full compliance while managing safety risks.
  4. Return to Work Programs: Navigate designs effective return to work programs to bring employees back to work as soon as possible and reduce workers’ comp costs.

Navigate helps companies of all sizes stay on top of legal compliance and avoid sizable penalties.

Payroll Administration

Payroll is one of the most time-consuming tasks that HR departments face. Navigate takes care of all payroll-related functions to ensure accuracy and compliance.

  1. Wage Garnishments: Navigate handles all wage-related deductions and keeps electronic records of all transactions.

  2. 401(k) Deductions: Navigate stays on top of all retirement benefits deductions to make sure they go through accurately and on time.

  3. Employee Loans: Navigate deducts loan payments from employee wages while maintaining all taxation nuances that accompany them.

  4. Tax Payment & Filing: Navigate calculates and files employment taxes on schedule to save your HR team a significant amount of time and avoid any issues with the IRS.

  5. Online Payroll Portal: Navigate shares its HR technology to set up a comprehensive online payroll portal that helps automate payroll processing, minimizes errors, and speeds up payments.

Both small businesses and Fortune-500 corporations struggle with the gigantic burden of payroll. Navigate has a comprehensive system for payroll administration that allows your HR team to focus on other tasks.

Cost Savings

Regardless of your company’s size, HR costs can build up. Navigate helps your company cut costs while improving your workplace environment and increasing employee satisfaction.

  1. Affordable Fortune-500 Benefits: Navigate uses economies of scale to give you access to high-quality employee benefits at a reasonable premium level.

  2. Pay-As-You-Go Worker’s Comp Insurance: Depending on the state, Navigate can help you avoid paying the upfront deposit and go directly to making monthly payments. Navigate can also share its experience modifier rate with your company so that you can take advantage of lower premiums.

  3. Reduced Retirement Expenses: Navigate manages all retirement plans, handles related audits, and files Form 5500.

  4. No Need to Hire New HR Employees: Navigate allows you to avoid recruitment, onboarding, salary, and retention expenses that accompany a new in-house hire.

The cost savings your company can experience with Navigate allow you to enjoy a high ROI of HR outsourcing

Navigate Shows the Way Forward

Navigate is a comprehensive HR outsourcing solution that can take the administrative burden off your team’s shoulders, cut HR costs, improve the workplace environment, and contribute to positive company culture.

With Navigate in your corner, it’s easy to grow your company without looking back at administrative HR tasks, expensive employee benefits, and legal compliance issues.

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